Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Busy busy! Have a new book preview!

Just working on somethings, but wanted to give everyone a note that I was alive! :D

Today I'm going to go eat some wedding cake. Here, have a snippet from the new novel, no name or cover reveal just yet!

It was all over, everything was over...
And all because I'd knocked over that jar of marmalade. I'd dropped it, and that surely was the reason I was now listening to the message on my voice mail for the fifteenth time that day.
Hi there,” the scratchy voice said through my phone's speakers, “this is Alfred Holmes from the Center Cut restaurant. We just wanted to thank you for coming in to interview yesterday, but we're sorry to say, we've decided to fill the sous chef position with someone else. Best of luck!”
Then there was only the cloyingly, robotic voice of my phone, asking me if I wanted to save or delete the message.
Of course I saved it. I needed it to torture myself some more later.
Flopping back onto the hard floor of my kitchen, I set the device on my chest, groaning.
How the hell could this have happened? I wondered silently. Remembering how the bits of glass and orange blobs had shot across the kitchen floor like a candy-bomb, it wasn't like I needed to dig for a reason.
I could have still failed the interview even without the dumb jar falling. It wasn't too hard to recall all the little flaws I'd noticed in my own cooking.
The head chef at Center Cut had asked me to make a quiche as part of my hiring process. That had been a relief, of course.
I'd made about thirty quiches over the past two weeks in preparation.
Even so, I'd fumbled while whisking the eggs, chopped my peppers too thin, and certainly hadn't added enough salt.
And then I went and knocked the stupid jar off the shelf with my clumsy elbows, and bam.
Marmalade all over Chef Frank's shoes.
I'd been allowed to finish baking the quiche, but the mood in the room had forever shifted. The chef didn't even wash off his shoes, he just stood there the entire time with his arms folded.
He'd never taken his eyes off of me.
When we'd tasted the quiche, he made no comment. I don't even remember if it was good or bad, it was just... it was like all the taste buds had melted off my tongue from my anxiousness.
It didn't matter. I was sure the chef had made his decision the second I'd ruined his floors.
Now, I didn't have the job lined up that I'd been hoping for.
Now, everything was over.
The loud creaking of the apartment door reached my ears, footsteps scuffling across the hard floors. “Hey! Sydney! Sydney, where are you?”
I knew my younger brother's voice all too well. Instead of answering, I covered my face with my arm. Even so, I felt his shadow cross over me when he walked into the kitchen.
Sydney? You okay?”

In response, I rolled over onto my side, clutching at my phone. “No, I'm pretty sure the world is ending.”


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Letting You Know: NOW AVAILABLE!

Letting You Know: Finally in stores, and for a limited time only, on sale for just .99 cents over at AMAZON! Grab it HERE!

Book 2 in the Letting You In series.

Deacon and Leah might as well be from opposite worlds.
In spite of her rough past, Deacon wants nothing more than to show her how wonderful a close-knit family can be. Unfortunately for him, his memories are contradicting the hard reality that awaits the pair in his home town.
Part of that reality being someone he never, ever wanted to see again.
Bethany Sommer: Deacon's first love. The girl who stole his heart, then tossed it away.
Now, due to some impossible to foresee circumstances, Leah and Deacon will both have to suffer through the torturous memories of his past.
Can they make it through in one piece, or will it prove to be too much?

Letting You Know is a drama filled 330+ page romantic novel, told from the point of views of Deacon Day and Leah Rook. A journey down a road of painful memories, and packed with the mistakes everyone makes as they struggle to become adults in the world.

New Adult Contemporary Romance **Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language. 

Whoooo!! Yay! So excited to finally share this with all of you! Hope you enjoy, and please, leave a review if you do! :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Blog Hop Winner!!

While we wait for the Grand Prize and Second Prize winners to be announced, here is the winner of a copy of Letting You In!


RACHEL DELSANTOS!! Congratulations!!!

I'll be sending a copy to your email ASAP! :) Thank you everyone for entering, and I hope you all had fun on the Hot Summer Blog Hop!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop!

It's here! Whoo! The Hot Summer Romance Giveaway! This blog hop is sponsored by the Insatiable Reads Book Tour!

Want to win some stuff!?

Here's how to win some awesome prizes!

Just leave a comment/your email below, or on any of the blogs in the hop, and you'll have a chance to win:

The GRAND HOP PRIZE: A Kindle Fire!

The SECOND HOP PRIZE: A $50 Amazon Gift Card!

AND of course, as well, I'll be randomly picking a lucky someone on my blog who'll get:

 An ebook copy of Letting You In!

 :) Isn't this exciting!?

For more prizes being offered by other authors on their blogs, hop (haha) to the List: The Main Hop List!

The theme this month is Romance! So, I have a special sneak preview of the sequel to the Letting You In series!



Letting You Know is complete!

It'll be available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble very soon! Keep an eye out for it, or join my mailing list if you'd like to know the moment it goes live! 

So in the spirit of gifts, here's a sneak peak inside Letting You Know: Book 2 in the Letting You In series. 

Deacon and Leah fly to Kentucky for the holidays. At first, their biggest worry is if his extremely religious parents will approve of Leah, especially if her past is put on the table. 

Unfortunately for them, there's something far worse on the horizon. Something so painful and bitter, it'll threaten their budding relationship more than any awkward family dinner ever could.

Bethany Sommer: Deacon's first love. The girl who stole his heart, then tossed it away.
He thought he'd never see her again, never have to deal with the torture she brought to his world.

Now, due to some impossible to foresee circumstances, Leah and Deacon will both be forced to suffer through the memories of his past.

This excerpt is from Deacon's point of view, but I'll say no more! Enjoy!

The music must have stopped, I had trouble telling. I was sure I hadn't sung a single word, yet my mouth hung open, like it had been ready to.
Something touched my forearm; Leah. Her eyes were glossy, teeth bright in the heavy lights of the room. “Did I do alright?” She asked, whispering with bubbling delight.
I didn't even listen, I don't know. I don't know how she sounded at all. Fighting off my daze, worried I might be sick any second, I pushed a weak smile into place. “You were great,” I lied, feeling awful about how I had zoned out.
Worse, zoned out thinking about my ex.
My memories weren't filling me with fond joy. In fact, recalling how bright my future had seemed with Bethany back then was making my gut ache with disgust.
I don't want to be here right now.
The pastor spoke again, inviting us all to sit. I was relieved to collapse; my muscles stiff, sore. A jittery energy was filling me head to toe. It was as if I'd chugged multiple cups of the coffee I loathed.
What do I do? I should have thought about this, of course Bethany would still be singing here. Why would she ever have left? Especially after being so wary of leaving this town at all.
That still galled me, thinking about how she had once wished to take her talent to bigger places.
Now, she's just the big fish in this tiny pond.
The group on stage didn't move, they remained as the pastor rolled into a sermon. It was impossible for me to look anywhere else but at her.
Bethany appeared healthy, her mouth tight and serious as it usually was. Thick lashes tickled her cheeks, hiding her blue eyes.
Is it possible she won't even notice me here?
As the service progressed, my hope blossomed. It seemed a far dream to go unseen, it reminded a bitter part of me of how much I had once tried to get her attention in the first place.
Now, let us stand, and rejoice in the song of his birth,” the pastor instructed.
Together, the room moved; the sound of cloth shuffling, shoes clicking. But there was another noise, a brief but loud 'clomp' that came from beside me.
Ah!” Leah gasped, scrambling to bend down and lift the hymn book she had dropped. Red, flustered, she ducked her eyes quickly. “Sorry, sorry.”
As if drawn in by that one, erratic sound, Bethany lifted her head and found me in the crowd. The brightness of her azure orbs was muted only by the lack of surprise on her face.
She doesn't seem startled to see me, I mused, fighting to keep myself relaxed. Sweat was beading on my neck, tickling me like spiders as it rolled down to soak my shirt. That... that bothers me. Why wouldn't she be shocked?

Wooof! And there you go! Poor Deacon, he's about to deal with a lot more strife than he even knows. 

For a lighter topic, allow me to tell you a funny story about my own romantic foibles. Maybe I just love guys who seem to have the world against them, but... anyway.

Once, a few years back, I was dating someone (who I may, or may not, now be engaged to) who wanted to do something sweet for me on Valentines Day. I was honestly not used to any sort of sweet gestures from other ex's, so the idea alone was very amazing too me.

I was hanging out at my apartment, when around seven at night, my boyfriend called me. He was apologetic off the bat, and said to me;

"I wanted to do something nice for you. So, I decided to go and secretly pick up some cupcakes from your favorite place downtown."

"Oh that's so sweet of you!" I exclaimed, shocked and excited at the promise of dessert.

"Yeah," he went on, laughing nervously. "But the place was closed, so I couldn't get them."

"Oh," I said, more amused than anything. "That's too bad, I'm still so happy you even tried!" And I was, I felt genuinely flattered he would want to do such a thing for me. Maybe other girls have guys fawning over them constantly, trying to win their hearts. 

But not me, I never had that. Not till probably this guy, potentially. Last thing I wanted to do was sound upset at his failed efforts. "Come to my place, we'll get dinner."

"Right, yeah, so," he went on, clearly embarrassed, "there's one more problem. You won't like this."

"Um, okay, what... what's wrong?"

"My car, when I parked it in the lot down here? I uh, think I left the light on or something. It's... dead. My car is dead." He paused, just long enough for me to start laughing. "Yeah. I'm going to need you to come down here and give me a jump."

And that was my Valentines day!

Don't worry, we got cupcakes the next day. :)

Thank you everyone, and good luck with the contest!! Leave those emails so I can contact the winners!

For more on the Insatiable Reads Tour, head over HERE. Also, to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for the tour, you can go HERE!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book 2! So Close!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to thank you all for being so patient! I've gotten a lot of inquiries about when book 2 of the Letting You In series would be coming out.

I'm pleased to say that I'm at the home stretch with it now, so if all goes well, between finishing writing it and handing it off to my editor... I expect to have it available before July ends! :D

Make sure to check back on the 18th for a preview of the book (as well as a giveaway of book 1 to one lucky person!) during the Summer Blog Hop!

I'm really excited about this one, I think you guys will be, too!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sun burned! Beaches! Mallows?

I'm going to the beach this weekend! That means I'll get super burned! :( I haven't figured out how to save myself still, no matter how much I coat myself in sunblock.

Oh well, fire roasted mallows are worth all the pain!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crazy Week! Book 2! Prizes!?

It's fun to rediscover the place you live when people come to visit. I got to spend some time wandering the flower gardens at the Getty museum this week, as well as just exploring downtown LA and a few other places.

The weather was beautiful, though I got a little too much sun in Venice!

Besides buying a huge bag of Lush, and looking forward to a fantastic bath today, I'll be back to writing the second book of the Letting You In series as well! I left off in a great spot, can't wait to share it with you all!

No spoilers, but I'll just say this is a Deacon heavy book. ;) Did you expect any less?


If you didn't notice, there's a fun little image on the side bar of the blog here! I'll be taking part in a blog hop, which means join in, follow along, and when the time comes get ready for a chance to win some awesome stuff!

I'll be sharing a teaser from book 2, so I hope you're all around for that! More details to come later, so for now, enjoy your day! :D

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Book 2 in the works! And a mailing list!

Chopping away at book 2 of the Letting You In series, it's coming along! With the power of coffee and pop music, I imagine it won't take me as long as I first thought.

In other news, I've learned I love Ke$ha, does this make me a bad person? Her music is just too fun!


Want to get updates, previews, and news on sales or current/future releases? Sign up for my mailing list!

I swear, I won't spam you! :)

Sign Up Here!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sales are pretty great!

I mean, who doesn't like to save money?

Letting You In, currently on sale for a short time over at Amazon, so grab it if you like to keep your change for awesome things like cronuts or cupcakes!

Nomnomnom! :D

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Starwars in the gym?

This is what I walked in on at my gym today!

Crazy, right? Only in Cali!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summertime! Cronuts?

Is it? Is it actually summer yet? I am terrible at telling. I should go outside more, but then, that would require me to do laundry.

Such is life!

I discovered a place that makes sushi rolls without rice, they use imitation crab instead. It's kind of amazing, but you know what looks more amazing?

Look at that. That is glorious. I can't eat grains, they make me ill, but I would risk it for a cronut.

I might be a terrible person!

Maybe a cronut would fix that. :D

Monday, May 27, 2013

Puttering Around

Tweaking the outline for the second Letting You In book, and getting distracted by the other ideas for completely different novels that have been coming at me while soaking in the tub.

Maybe the hot water and steam make me delusional, I couldn't say! I should also stop watching Master Chef when I do that, especially as my ideas start to merge with food and create story-lines that are just weird excuses to write tasty descriptions.

I'm just going to make some cupcakes today, now.

What a problem. ;)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Three Day Weekend?

The things I am looking forward to this week;

Trying my new bathing suit out at a pool party, getting some new sandals, and maybe getting these horrible feet of mine prettied up to justify all of the above.

Because seriously.

My feet are gross. :/ I blame the gym!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Aw yeah. :D

Now to do a lil' dance, and get back to work on book 2. Also the weather has been very nice lately, and I want to go swimming, but I am scared I'll get super sun burnt!

Must coat myself in super-sunscreen, I suppose. Liquid aluminum foil reflector? No?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Letting You In: New Adult Contemporary Romance Novel Preview!

Who says 7 at night is too late to drink coffee?

That's right.

No one.

In other news, so excited for the release of Letting You In! Should be coming out before the week is done on Amazon, here's a little preview! :D

He placed his fingers on my arms, sliding them down, lifting them up between us. Each inch of me that he touched came to life, goosebumps and cells on fire. “I can't dance,” I abruptly blurted, glowing intensely while recalling how I had already shown I couldn't sing, either.
Everyone can dance,” he chided me, bending close to keep from being drowned out. The music thumped, reaching into my bones, my brain melting the moment he linked his fingers with mine. I didn't even feel any pain from my scrapes, they were forgotten.
I let him guide me, our steps simple, his hands swaying, showing me how to move side to side with him. Around us, people were shouting, wrapped up in each other, hair tossing and hips swaying. Yet, Deacon and I, we spun in our own little bubble, a different dance entirely.
Why do I keep letting him pull me in? I wondered, looking into his glimmering emerald eyes. Each time, when I think something will happen, he backs away from me. Even knowing that, terrified of repeating last night, afraid of rejection all over again, I knew I couldn't have escaped. Not then, not with his hands on mine, his torso inches from my own.
See,” he laughed, whispering into my ear, the hairs on my neck prickling. “You can do this, it's easy.”
This is easy.” My lips twisted, helpless to contain my joy. “But this isn't really dancing.”
No?” He murmured, pretending to be offended. “Let's try some real dancing, then.” One of his arms coiled around my body, his fingers pressing into my lower back. His other hand took my own, setting it on his shoulder, then returning to join its twin on my spine.
Oh god, what do I do, what should I do?
Numb, I found both my palms holding his shoulders, my chest almost brushing his when he started to rock side to side. “There,” he said slyly, “is that more what you were expecting?”

Woohoo! Coming soon!

Friday, May 17, 2013