Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summertime! Cronuts?

Is it? Is it actually summer yet? I am terrible at telling. I should go outside more, but then, that would require me to do laundry.

Such is life!

I discovered a place that makes sushi rolls without rice, they use imitation crab instead. It's kind of amazing, but you know what looks more amazing?

Look at that. That is glorious. I can't eat grains, they make me ill, but I would risk it for a cronut.

I might be a terrible person!

Maybe a cronut would fix that. :D

Monday, May 27, 2013

Puttering Around

Tweaking the outline for the second Letting You In book, and getting distracted by the other ideas for completely different novels that have been coming at me while soaking in the tub.

Maybe the hot water and steam make me delusional, I couldn't say! I should also stop watching Master Chef when I do that, especially as my ideas start to merge with food and create story-lines that are just weird excuses to write tasty descriptions.

I'm just going to make some cupcakes today, now.

What a problem. ;)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Three Day Weekend?

The things I am looking forward to this week;

Trying my new bathing suit out at a pool party, getting some new sandals, and maybe getting these horrible feet of mine prettied up to justify all of the above.

Because seriously.

My feet are gross. :/ I blame the gym!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Aw yeah. :D

Now to do a lil' dance, and get back to work on book 2. Also the weather has been very nice lately, and I want to go swimming, but I am scared I'll get super sun burnt!

Must coat myself in super-sunscreen, I suppose. Liquid aluminum foil reflector? No?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Letting You In: New Adult Contemporary Romance Novel Preview!

Who says 7 at night is too late to drink coffee?

That's right.

No one.

In other news, so excited for the release of Letting You In! Should be coming out before the week is done on Amazon, here's a little preview! :D

He placed his fingers on my arms, sliding them down, lifting them up between us. Each inch of me that he touched came to life, goosebumps and cells on fire. “I can't dance,” I abruptly blurted, glowing intensely while recalling how I had already shown I couldn't sing, either.
Everyone can dance,” he chided me, bending close to keep from being drowned out. The music thumped, reaching into my bones, my brain melting the moment he linked his fingers with mine. I didn't even feel any pain from my scrapes, they were forgotten.
I let him guide me, our steps simple, his hands swaying, showing me how to move side to side with him. Around us, people were shouting, wrapped up in each other, hair tossing and hips swaying. Yet, Deacon and I, we spun in our own little bubble, a different dance entirely.
Why do I keep letting him pull me in? I wondered, looking into his glimmering emerald eyes. Each time, when I think something will happen, he backs away from me. Even knowing that, terrified of repeating last night, afraid of rejection all over again, I knew I couldn't have escaped. Not then, not with his hands on mine, his torso inches from my own.
See,” he laughed, whispering into my ear, the hairs on my neck prickling. “You can do this, it's easy.”
This is easy.” My lips twisted, helpless to contain my joy. “But this isn't really dancing.”
No?” He murmured, pretending to be offended. “Let's try some real dancing, then.” One of his arms coiled around my body, his fingers pressing into my lower back. His other hand took my own, setting it on his shoulder, then returning to join its twin on my spine.
Oh god, what do I do, what should I do?
Numb, I found both my palms holding his shoulders, my chest almost brushing his when he started to rock side to side. “There,” he said slyly, “is that more what you were expecting?”

Woohoo! Coming soon!

Friday, May 17, 2013