Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crazy Week! Book 2! Prizes!?

It's fun to rediscover the place you live when people come to visit. I got to spend some time wandering the flower gardens at the Getty museum this week, as well as just exploring downtown LA and a few other places.

The weather was beautiful, though I got a little too much sun in Venice!

Besides buying a huge bag of Lush, and looking forward to a fantastic bath today, I'll be back to writing the second book of the Letting You In series as well! I left off in a great spot, can't wait to share it with you all!

No spoilers, but I'll just say this is a Deacon heavy book. ;) Did you expect any less?


If you didn't notice, there's a fun little image on the side bar of the blog here! I'll be taking part in a blog hop, which means join in, follow along, and when the time comes get ready for a chance to win some awesome stuff!

I'll be sharing a teaser from book 2, so I hope you're all around for that! More details to come later, so for now, enjoy your day! :D

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