Saturday, October 4, 2014

For The Thrill-- Cover Reveal and Promo!

Coming Soon!!

What happens when two hitmen agree to share you?

Blood Brothers. The term means everything.
Kite and I aren't related, but our oath goes deeper than family. We've seen and done horrific things. One rule keeps us from destroying each other: Share everything.
So when little miss curves and confidence swings her hips into our lives... Well. The rule can't change. I already said it.
We share everything.
That includes Marina.

Hitmen. The damn title is scalded into our bones.
We figured we could escape it. Who could possibly dig up our past? Marina... she seemed so sweet, until she stared me in the eye and told me what she wanted.
Murdering someone—it's not so hard. Jacob and I could pull it off without blinking.
So what's the problem?
She wants to be the one to pull the damn trigger.

Vengeance. It's the only thing I'm after.
Jacob and Kite don't trust me. It doesn't matter. I'll do whatever it takes to see the light fade from that monster's eyes. I know their secret, that makes me a risk. I was prepared for anything. Or so I thought.
Killers aren't suppose to be so sexy and enticing and... dammit.
Two men want to share my heart.
But I can't risk my one shot at revenge.

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