Saturday, September 20, 2014

Watch Me Fall Snippet Preview

A Tiny Snippet from Watch Me Fall

Noel's smile was precarious. It wanted to run off of her lips. “You're not dangerous.”

Thump thump... thump. Oh, how the claws shredded me. “Noel, you have no idea what I am.” Gingerly, I ran my hands down her arms. She shivered, tried to step closer to me; my abrupt grip froze her a foot away. “You must have felt it before. The day you came here alone, that first time.”

Had she blinked in the last minute? “That morning—you were just going to kiss me then, too.” A drop of sweat pooled in her collar bone. “Why would you ever hurt me?”

The answer spilled out. “I don't know.” Bending forward, I licked the dimple at the base of her neck. “I just know I want to.”

Under my tongue, the girl moaned. The sound turned my cock rock solid. Reaching up, she wrapped her fingers around my forearms; her nails dug in. In those pure blue eyes, the stability she wore during class—her serenity during ballet—dared me to keep going. “I don't believe you,” she said flatly.

Shutting my eyes, I bent down and inhaled along her temple. Under my lips, her flesh throbbed. “No?” I asked, easing my claws off of her. Cupping her jaw, I nuzzled the sensitive spot behind her ear. “Would you like me to prove it to you?”

Her shiver was tangible. “If you were going to hurt me, I could feel it.”

“Oh, Noel,” I sighed. Tilting her chin up, I smiled at her uncertainty. “By the time you feel it, it'll be too late.”

It sounded like she swallowed an entire apple. “Then show me.”

Her dare spoke volumes about her. Noel must have sensed something was off about me. And still, she was as weak to the tingles in her belly as I was to mine. That bravery was exhilarating. How far could I push her before she tried to bail?

How long until my porcelain dancer became dust?

--Watch Me Fall, COMING 9/22/14

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