Sunday, April 6, 2014

Flawed Body Rock is OUT! Book 3 of the Body Rock Series!

It's here! Prepare yourself for more Drezden and more Lola!

From USA Today Bestselling Author Nora Flite
She wanted to be a rockstar:

I finally have everything.
Fame, presence, the world knows who I am.

Now my life is even harder.

What do you do when every eye watching you is full of jealous hate?
I'm strong enough to not let strangers hurt me...
But when it's my own brother, the stakes change entirely.

He just wanted her to himself:

My claws are in her, but I'm trapped, too.
Waking up, my first thoughts used to be about music.
Lola's changed all of that.

She consumes my dreams; my existence.

My band... the girl I'm obsessed with...
Is there room in this world for both of them?
If not, which do I choose?

Genre: New Adult Rockstar Romance
This is the third installment of the Body Rock Series

25,000 words


  1. I absolutely love this series!!!!! Cant waitil my next Drez fix. I'm so addicted!!!!!